Pre Construction Design & Estimates

Al Shahin is excited to introduce our Pre-Construction Design Services for those interested in starting the construction process. The presentation quality materials you will receive can be used as marketing resources to help those in the congregation or company realize the vision as well as provide a good picture of the project for potential lenders. These materials can also be used for design development.

A Certified Cost Analysis will cover every construction division and thoroughly review all construction means and methods that are best suited for your project. A Cost Analysis is required by most lenders to establish budgets. We work with many lenders and have an excellent reputation for accuracy.

Pre Construction Services:

  • Certified Cost Analysis - to explore the best and most cost effective methods of construction for your project.
  • Professional Preliminary Floor Plan - to provide a working floor plan that is customized to your specifications.
  • Professional Preliminary Rendering - to provide a beautiful image of your future building for marketing and development.
  • Assistance in Finding Financing - to coordinate financial assistance for your organization
A comprehensive pre-construction design review can be an essential process before any significant project is undertaken. Our expertise is sought by owners, engineers and architects reviewing projects for structural material availability, commonality, schedule and economy.

We can also review the structural steel drawings and their coordination with the architectural drawings to find any inconsistencies to prevent additional costs

Our pre-construction review process can also include an analysis of the structural steel drawings for constructability, completeness and other details such as structural steel coating specifications to prevent potential corrosion problems, all with the focus of saving our customers time, money both now and in the future.

Our team of experienced estimators can evaluate a project and create a working estimate of the likely costs of the steel fabrication and erection of any size project.

Our services can also include an analysis of the means and methods of fabricating and cost alternatives while preserving the appearance and intent of the architect

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