Applications of Structural Steel

Structural steel is an outstanding category of steel used as a construction material for making structural steel shapes. A structural steel shape is a profile, formed with a specific cross section and following certain standards for chemical composition and mechanical properties. Structural steel shapes, sizes, composition, strengths, storage practices, etc., are regulated by standards in most industrialized countries.

Structural steel members, such as I-beams, have high second moments of area, which allow them to be very stiff in respect to their cross-sectional area.
The Structural Steel Application are not limited and be found in:

  • Low and High-rise buildings.
  • Power Plants.
  • Oil & Gas Plants.
  • Cement Plants.
  • Pipe Line Support Steel Structures.
  • Education and Hospital Buildings.
  • Sports Stadiums & Stations.
  • Bridges & Tunnels and various other applications.


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